Difficult Access Drilling

Difficult Access Drilling


Difficult Access Sinkhole DrillingOur management team understands the importance of securing soil samples that are not easily obtainable. Since 1999 Independent Drilling, Inc. has drilled thousands of sites that are defined as “Difficult Access”. Our drill crews have drilled all over the state of Florida, the Gulf Coast region and the southern United States.


We have drill rigs that can drill inside a house, business, go through gates and navigate on difficult slopes. Our Mini rigs are 24” wide and mounted on tracks which make them ideal to go through doorways and tight openings and the tracks allow for minimal yard evasion.


Difficult Access Sinkhole DrillingIndependent Drilling, Inc. has demonstrated over the years the ability to satisfy both the client and home owner when it comes to “Difficult Access” drilling. There is not a “Difficult Access” sites that our drillers have not been able to drill.


If you have a “Difficult Access” challenge or need a quote, please contact us today.  






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